Early Christian Sources

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Consider reading the introduction and warnings before reading the material on this website.

Translations of Early Christian Writings Into English

Collections of Early Christian Writings:

To view a list of published volumes and collections which contain a significant number of early Christian writings, visit the published collections page.

To see more detailed lists, sorted by early Christian writing or writer, see the list below. The list below is intended to be a fairly complete list of translations of each of these early Christian writings or writers.

Individual Early Christian Writings or Writers:

It is impossible to know the exact dates of composition of the following writings. An attempt has been made to put them in a roughly chronological order.

This list generally does not include early Christian writers for whom there are only small fragments of their writings still in existance.

This list is still a work-in-progress and does not yet include most 3rd and 4th century early Christian writings.

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