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A Skit on Greek Philosophy: By one Hermias, probably of the reign of Julian, A.D. 361-363

This translation of Hermias’s Derision of Heathen Philosophers (also known as Gentilium Philosophorum Irrisio) was done by Francis Ryan Montgomery Hitchcock and published in the journal Theology in 1936 (Volume 32, Issue 188, pages 98-106). F. R. Montgomery Hitchcock died in 1951 and therefore this translation is in the public domain in Canada, Australia, and any other countries which have a copyright term of 50 years after the death of the author. In most other countries (not including the U.S.A) it will enter into the public domain in 2022.

This translation does not include the first few sentences of the first chapter.

This translation is available as a facsimile:


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