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Early Christian Fathers (ECF) collection

This book is volume I of “The Library of Christian Classics” series.

This translation of some of the earliest of the early Christian writings which are not in the New Testament was published in 1953. It was simultaneously published in Great Britain and the USA without copyright notice and therefore immediately passed into the public domain, at least in the USA. It may or may not be still under copyright in other countries, however the current publisher has stated that they are not claiming copyright on this work.

This collection contains the following:

The collection does not contain some very early and important early Christians writings such as “The Shepherd of Hermas”, “The Epistle of Barnabas”, as well as fragments of other very early Christian writings.

This collection has numerous notes and detailed introductions to each writing.

Download this collection as:

To read and search this collection online, visit the Christian Classics Ethereal Library. To download a facsimile scan of this collection, visit Archive.org.

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